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Dr. Ceph

Dr. Ceph is our cephalometric analysis program with advanced image morphing and tracing. Dr. Ceph has the most advanced 2D surgical projections in the industry! Coupled with our new custom and ABO superimposition feature, Dr. Ceph represents one of the best investments you can make for your practice.

Did your computer crash? Don't worry! Once you purchase Dr. Ceph, you can reinstall your version for free at any time, even over 10 years after purchase! Tired of doing analyses yourself and want an assistant to do them for you? This can be easily done with our new Landmark Location images that show new users where their points are supposed to be placed! With over 20 years of orthodontic research and improvements built into our program, you are getting a great deal for one low price!

Manual ceph point entry is time consuming, whereas computerized cephalometry is very fast, thus enabling the orthodontist to obtain a more comprehensive diagnostic picture. The need for templates and retracings of acetate overlays is eliminated. An analysis can be performed in 10% of the time of a normal manual registration because it is only necessary to identify the radiological points with the click of a mouse on a computer monitor. The calculations are displayed within seconds. This process removes human error except for errors of landmark identification.

Dr. Ceph was specifically developed for Orthodontists and Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeons interested in the benefits that computing technology could bring to cephalometric analysis, to the archiving of patient records, and to case presentation. According to a recent issue of Clinical Research Associates Newsletter, the "use of imaging procedures significantly increases patients' acceptance of treatment plans."

The philosophy of Dr. Ceph is to improve cephalometric analyses using state-of-the-art, but generally available, computers and peripherals. Our software employs the same image processing techniques used in advanced systems that refine aerial and astronomical photographs. By operating under Microsoft Windows, Dr. Ceph assures that the user's investment in hardware can be used to operate other popular business applications.

The user can select from over 30 major analyses or customize any analysis to meet your specific requirements. New landmarks, variables, and norms can be added by the user. After capturing the x-ray and profile photograph, cephalometric landmarks are identified and the two images are merged into one manipulable image. Comparisons between any two phases of treatment graphically show the amount of movement.

Fast and easy to use prediction tracing showing dental movement or surgical procedures (VTO and STO), (Visual Treatment Objective and Surgical Treatment Objective including maxillary translation, impaction, rotation, and mandibular translation and rotation, genioplasty and growth projections), allow you to graphically show a prospective patient how orthodontic or surgical movement will enhance the patient's physical features. Anatomical measurements are compared to established norms and displayed for easy reference. Accurate clinical evaluation can be performed through the melded x-ray and photo. Patient images are stored in standard formats for display in other programs.

All F.Y.I. Technologies applications are developed for the Microsoft Windows environment, but can be run on a Mac using Parallels, VMWare, or other types of Windows emulation programs. They are designed for Windows Vista and later, and since Windows is a multi-tasking environment, you can use any of our applications simultaneously or over a network.