Superior Imaging Solutions

Dr. View

Dr. View is a simple to use, but powerful, software program designed for Orthodontists to display full screen on a computer monitor customized patient photographs, x-rays, models, and appliances during case presentation. Its primary purpose is to increase patient acceptance of the proposed treatment plan by utilizing state-of-the-art computer software and hardware to easily customize and standardize case presentation.

Images can be easily created and customized using your existing camera, or a digital camera, video camera, a scanner or clipart. Complete Photo Records can be displayed and printed with photo quality output. Words can be added to any image with the easy to use annotation feature. All patient photographs, models, information, (including financial and insurance), can be archived on CD-ROM for permanent storage and easy retrieval.

Customized case presentations become easy, organized and effective by providing a professional full screen visual explanation to questions and concerns. Recent studies have determined that visual presentations reduce patient hesitation by focusing them on the proposed treatment objectives. The product's powerful graphics software will captivate and educate your prospective patient while convincing them of the need to come to you for Orthodontic treatment.

Dr. View includes letter writing capabilities (with over 20 form letters), an easy-to-use treatment diagnosis summary, a large selection of patient photo record formats, and a Wizard for easier use.

All F.Y.I. Technologies applications are developed for the Microsoft Windows environment, but can be run on a Mac using Parallels or VMWare. They are designed for Windows Vista and later, and since Windows is a multi-tasking environment, you can use both applications simultaneously or over a network.