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The following comments are from satisfied users of our professional imaging products….

"If not the first, I was among the first to use Dr. Ceph and Dr. View. The quality of the product and the support is excellent. The product is updated in a timely fashion. Dr. Ceph and Dr. View is a better bang for your buck than any imaging system on the market today. I whole heartedly recommend both Dr. Ceph and Dr. View."

James L. Cannon, DDS, MS

Gainesville, GA

"I have been a user of Dr. Ceph for 14 years. Being able to create my own analysis was one of the biggest selling points. Once done, it was very easy to have one of my assistants enter the cephalometric points to get very accurate measurements. This is one of the best buys in Orthodontics."

Maurice J. Belden, DMD

Presque Isle, ME

"I have found Dr. Ceph to be a useful tool in teaching dental students about the basics of cephalometrics. It is very flexible and is great for demonstrating cephalometric variables. I also like how it can be customized to the measurements I want to discuss.

Mark H. Taylor

Creighton University School of Dentistry

"I have used Dolphin Imaging and this product has better morphing capabilities! The support and training is unsurpassed and I would highly recommend this product. Greg Richard gives his personalized attention and is available when you need something. It is nice to actually get a person and get attention instead of teleprompts. This is definitely the best bang for your buck!"

Shannon Lewis

Edmond, OK

"After all these years, I still consider Dr.Ceph one of my best software investments."

Howard Lang, DDS

Eureka, CA

"I have used Dr. Ceph for many years and have found it to be extremely complete, easy to use, and affordable. I am most impressed with the technical support I have received over the years, as well as the constant improvement and upgrades the software has undergone."

Dr. Bob Ross

Hillsboro, OH

"I have used Dr. Ceph software for over a year now and can say I am completely satisfied with the software's performance and highly impressed with the personal attention and customer service provided by Mr. Greg Richard at FYITEK. I highly recommend the Dr. Ceph software to anyone in need of a ceph analysis program. The program is a great deal and investment in "value vs. performance vs. price" comparison with any ceph analysis program on the market today. The Dr. Ceph customer service/technical support is unsurpassed by any company. Feel free to call me at 512-278-1111 (CST) or e-mail at if you want personal feedback on my experience with the Dr. Ceph program."

Don Hartsfield, DDS

Austin, TX

"Having used Dr. View for five years now, I can say I know the program well. Photographs, that are very important as a diagnostic and communication tool in an orthodontic practice, are handled and organized into patient files with ease. Beyond that, Dr. View has been invaluable as a tool not only in handling the digital photos, but as an easily customizable platform for creating diagnostic reports that are forwarded with the photos to the referring dentists. Greg Richard and his staff have provided excellent support and have always been anxious to hear new ideas that he readily incorporates into his updates. The program is written in a manner that allows it to be easily integrated with any office management program. I recommend Dr. View without reservation!"

Dr. Jeff Horowitz

Rockville Centre, New York

"I first started using Dr. Ceph some 10 years ago now, after hearing about this program while attending a Dr. James Cannon lecture. I was looking to digitise my Lateral Headfilms "on-screen", and I particularly wanted an accurate and relatively simple way of demonstrating to patients and\or their parents facial profile changes which could occur with differing treatment modalities. DrCeph has performed these tasks with ease. I have also been very impressed (and very thankful) with the stability of DrCeph's patient database. I purchased Dr. View about 18 months ago after finally going digital with our clinical photography. I am still learning the features and power of this program but our patients just absolutely love its printed output. Greg Richard has been fantastic to deal with. I might be on the other side of the world but his expertise and commitment to his products are exemplary. Greg simply provides great service. Thank you."

Dr. Craig Sharp

Auckland, New Zealand

I am employed by Dr. Damian O. Fennig who owns Greater Madison Orthodontics, Madison WI. We have been using FYITEK software for a long time now. I have been working with the Dr. Ceph and Dr. View programs for the past 4 years. Both programs are so very easy to work with and understand. If I have any questions or problems with either program the help desk is always available and VERY helpful. And the best thing is that I know FYITEK is not going to sell out to a big company and leave me high and dry. They are here for the long run. And the upgrades are very easy to download.

Monica Feiler

Greater Madison Orthodontics